DTR Community Update

August 10, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Here’s the latest update. We’re using Slack as a community platform to find training partners that will agree to mutual safety precautions.  (If you’re not familiar with slack you can check it out here : www.slack.com )  

Essentially we have forums for different cities and regions and by grouping people near each other with similar schedules and at least one mat area available we’re getting people training.

Slack in action

If you want to learn more about the ideas of training as safely as possible we do have a few articles up on the site.  This one sort of planted the seed for me a couple months ago:https://www.grapplearts.com/openingupbjj/
And I was in the process of getting my COVID test results back about 6 weeks ago to train with a friend doing the same, but before my tests came back negative he had to change plans to go to another city for several months.  I then was complaining with a friend of mine who lives in CO (I’m in AZ) about the same, both with mats and not sure who to train with, and had the idea to just make a site and start trying to find partners for us and others.

A couple days ago Stephan Kesting posted this: https://www.grapplearts.com/bjj-training-pods/

We reached out and he gave us some feedback and we made his recommended changes and then he was willing to give us a shout out on social media.  Since then we’ve goten over 120 people now signed up and hopefully by next week several small groups will have been able to form.

Cohort Map as of 8-9-2020

Please let me know if you have additional questions or would like to join us on Slack.  This is completely free FYI. I have no idea if we’ll ever generate ads or make an app or anything, but right now I just wanna roll!