To many Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners the sport has become an integral part of our lives. BJJ has benefits to physical, mental, and emotional health. In addition there is camaraderie, bonding, and personal development. We have been talking to friends, teammates, family members and are seeing posts on social media all pointing to the fact that people are feeling desperate to get back to training during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Find Training Partners

While some parts of the United States have begun to open and many academies going back to training, the safety of this return to training in large groups in close quarters is highly questionable. This is especially true for those in the community who are immunocompromised, have underlying health conditions, are elderly, have family and household members with concerns, are the sole source of income for their families, and/or just do not feel they wish to risk contracting and spreading COVID-19 in their greater communities.

Cohort Map

We are building DownToRoll.com to be a platform to help like-minded BJJ enthusiasts to find each other and form small groups. This will allow those with mats and/or training space to connect with other training partners and work out their own social distancing commitments and schedules.

We would also like to extend this platform to any instructors or academies that would find this useful. Perhaps you cannot open, perhaps you are but many students cannot return for the reasons mentioned. This platform could help you get your teams and students back to training as safely as possible in committed small groups of 2-4. You would be able to provide structure curriculum virtually, as opposed to ad hoc WAG training with all the groups doing their own thing, and continue to provide direction, value, and connection to your students with a path towards progress and promotions as close to business as usual as can safely be delivered.

We will be continuously updating the site with:

  • News and articles related to BJJ and COVID-19.
  • Solo Drills
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • And More!

Please contact us with any interest in joining, helping, or feedback on how we can improve and help the community.

If you’d like to learn more about who we are please check out our appearance on The Grappling Hour.

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